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Present work:
Presently I work as an astrophysicist at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium (TBP). I am also affiliated with the National Danish Space Institute (DTU Space).

At TBP most of my activities are related to public outreach, teaching and public service. I am responsible for the TBP AstroNews team which maintains the news section on our web-site, sends out press-releases etc. I am also involved in a number of projects developing new methods for internet-based teaching.

At DTU Space I am involved in the ESA Planck satellite mission, which was launched on May 14, 2009. Planck has made very detailed and sensitive all-sky maps of the Cosmic Microwave Background. A thorough analysis of these maps will yield lots of information about the very young Universe and help us determine the most likely model of the Universe.

Current teaching:
In the spring term of 2012 I have no formal teaching obligations but I will be giving talks on various topics such as 'The Cosmic Microwave Background', 'the Sun - our active star' and 'Are we alone - the search for intelligent life in the Universe'.

Previous work:
I have worked on infrared survey data from the ISOPHOT instrument onboard ESA's ISO satellite, which was launched November 1995 and ended operations in April 1998. This work included reduction and analysis of optical and radio follow-up observations both of the far infrared observations used for my Ph.D.-thesis (see below) and observations performed as part of the European Large Area ISO Survey (ELAIS).

In May 2000 I attained my Ph.D. in astrophysics from the University of Copenhagen, NBIfAFG/AO with the thesis 'Deep far infrared ISOPHOT survey in Selected Area 57'.

In December 1995 I attained my Masters degree in astrophysics from the University of Copenhagen, NBIfAFG/AO with the thesis 'The Expected Observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Anisotropies made by the COBRAS/SAMBA Satellite'. This work, appart of being the substance for my Master thesis, also is a part of the danish contribution to the Phase A study of the Planck satellite mission (formerly known as COBRAS/SAMBA).

In the spring of 1994 my good friend and trustee Lars Lindberg Christensen, Bo Milvang-Jensen and yours truly made a visualization video on the subject '3D Redshift Space Visualization of 35699 Galaxies from the ADS CfA Catalogue'. The making of this video really showed us, that 3D visualization by means of powerful graphics computers it is a field of research with great potentials.

My Bachelor thesis was also made in coorporation with Lars and was on the subject 'Filamentary Structures in Dominant Galaxies in Clusters of Galaxies' where we mainly were dealing with cooling flows (flows of cooling hot intra cluster gas), which end up as optical filaments. We analysed spectra of the cooling flow galaxy 2A 0335+096 in order to classify the emission region and discuss the possible scenario of ionization source.

Other astronomical activities:
I am member of the Danish Astronomical Society (in danish: Astronomisk Selskab) which is Denmarks only nationwide organisation for both amateur astronomers and pro's. I am also a member of the Danish Astronautical Society and the Danish Physical Society.

In a more international context I am member of the International Astronomical Union, the American Astronomical Society and the Planetary Society, which is a worldwide organisation advocating exploration of the Solar system and the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

With respect to the latter I am also a charter sustainer of the SETI Institute (TeamSETI) and furthermore participate in the very fascinating HomeComputing project SETI@home, where data from the Arecibo Observatory are analysed by thousands of volunteers worldwide.

Presenting the splendour of astronomy to the general public is in my opinion a very important obligation for both amateurs and pro's. My small contribution consists in showing people the wonders of the night sky at the public Rundetaarn Observatory and sometimes at starparties arranged by the Tycho Brahe Planetarium or myself.

In general I still enjoy myself as a part time amateur astronomer meaning that I still love to spend the night under a starry sky with one of my small telescopes whenever I get the chance to do so. My own telescopes include a 63 mm f/13.3 Carl Zeiss Jena refractor, a homemade 6" Newton reflector and two russian build reflectors: A 6" Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope (Intes MK63) and a 65 mm Newton (Al'kor). Both as an enthusiastic amatuer and a pro I can strongly recommend the monthly magazine Sky & Telescope.

Human Rights:
I strongly support the worldwide fight for human rights and for that reason I am a member of Amnesty International. It is imperative that as many people as possible advocate the basic human rights for all.

Spare time activities:
I have a great interest in paranormal phenomena. This includes a number of topics of which one is Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). I am member of SUFOI (Scandinavian UFO Information), which by all standards is a serious and critical organisation that gathers information about UFOs.

This is done by interviewing people who have had a UFO experience (i.e. experienced something they cound not relate to their usual perception of the world) and to conduct a thorough investigation of these experiences with the goal to find a natural explanation for the phenomena observed.

In those cases where sufficient data are at hand to conduct an investigation, this usually is possible, but about 5% of all observations remain unexplained. Besides these activities SUFOI coorporates with other UFO-organisations world-wide in order to gain a deeper understanding of this very interesting subject.

Other paranormal phenomena of interest are different aspects of the fact that - maybe - humans have mental capabilities far beyond what is presently realized. Many mysterious 'forces' and phenomena may 'just' be different manifestations of mans hidden - or partly hidden - mental resources.

In general I am interested in most aspects of the human mind and the very fascinating subject of consciousness. We all experience it and most of us might even think that we are 'it'. Luckily research in the vast diversity of aspects related to consciousness has been emerging and evolving strongly during this decade and this research is becoming increasingly accepted by the scientific community.

Many branches of science can contribute to our understanding of the phenomenon 'Consciousness' and in order to bring ideas out and to promote dialogue and discussion the refereed scientific journal 'Journal of Consciousness Studies' has been published since 1994. I can strongly recommend this journal to anyone just slightly interested in the subject. Information about the 'Journal of Consciousness Studies' can be obtained from Imprint Academic.

My Artistic Side:
On the more artistic side I love to sing which I do as a member of the Copenhagen University Choir.

I also love to play the piano (or keyboard 8-), but I rarely get the time to practice. Generally I am very fond of all different kinds of music but I guess my favorites are Fusion, Jazz and Classic. My all-time favorite record company is Grusin-Rosen Productions (GRP - now part of Verve Music Group) followed by Sheffield Lab and Deutsche Grammophon.

Photography and drawing and the study and trading of Art Deco style architecture, interior design and art are also highly rated spare time activities, but as you might figure, the amount of spare time is extremely inconsistent with the number of desired activities.


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